Chicharrones at the QFM mañana – Aug 6

Chicharrones are a specialty of Joe Cisneros of Questa and he’ll bring his disco to the Questa Farmers Market (QFM) Sunday, August 6 to prepare them before our very eyes. A disco is a massive bowl which holds the frying pork, while a fire burns underneath. Cisneros stirs the pork skillfully with a long wooden paddle he’s crafted.


Whether you’ve grow up knowing the taste of chicharrones, or you discover them this Sunday, you’ll be touched by a cuisine that’s popular all over the world – variations are found in all places with Spanish influence. The style differs and specifications around the cut of the meat are particular. Speaking with Cisneros we learned he needs the correct ratio of meat and fat so they’ll fry just right.

The chicharrones will be available for lunch served on handmade tortillas by Wendy and her crew.


Vegetarian lunch will come from the bounty of local gardens and Cerro Vista Farm and music will be provided by Mario Trujillo of Reckless Taos. You’ll find plenty of things to take home – veggies, breads, jellies, honey, eggs, and herbs – and more things to eat and drink (hibiscus tea, watermelon water, direct-trade coffee).


See you there and please share this poster, or blog post!



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