Questa Farmers Market is a program of Localogy, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Questa, NM.

NOTE: You may be eligible for SNAP benefits. 44,000 New Mexicans are and have not signed up. You can use SNAP to purchase fresh fruits and veggies and food staples at a farmers market – this helps you and our farmers.  You may be eligible – check out this income table, and come see our volunteers for help with your application.


*Income table from https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/eligibility

Our goals

  • empower small-scale producers in Questa and nearby communities
  • offer fresh, local produce, support our economy and our health
  • provide a venue for small farms, gardens, musicians and entrepreneurs
  • create a vibrant, seasonal, weekly event that enlivens community life
  • create jobs for teens with our market internship program

We are a SNAP/EBT market (EBT machine on site), and we participate in double-up-food-bucks. Our market accepts WIC and the Senior Nutrition Program checks. Note: vendors must register with the State individually to accept these checks.

Our market story

Questa Farmers Market originated as the Northern NM Growers and Makers Exchange (the 2016 market project of LEAP), which grew, too, from a five-week fall market in 2015. There’s a longer history of farmers markets in Questa in previous years; all of these inspired the inception of QFM.

This market serves agriculturalists in Questa and nearby communities, as well as supports economic development. It provides residents access to fresh, local produce and supports community activity, exchange and unity. It creates more options for farmers and gardeners by adding another day of the week that a farmers market functions in northern NM. We have a teen internship program (since 2019) to make sure youth are able to bring their perspective, hopes, questions and vision. Together we’re creating a market place to support small and micro local businesses and we’re doing our part to help regenerate the agricultural community in northern Taos County.

Our Market is a regulated and authorized market able to accept SNAP/EBT benefits, participate in the Double-up Food Bucks program, as well as WIC and the Senior Nutrition Farm Checks. Our participation makes local produce available, and equitable for all community members, supporting the overall health of people, and place. Additionally, these benefit programs make small-scale local agriculture sustainable by assuring produce vendors a market base, and a level exchange.


Our authorized farmers market must sell more local produce than anything else (as per USDA guidelines). With this mission, the QFM creates an outlet for small farms and gardens. We support makers and entrepreneurs (e.g., artists, bakers, jelly makers) as well, although the ratio of fresh fruits, vegetables, and food staples to other goods must always be higher. You can learn more here https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/eligible-food-items.

All our vendors, Questa and the surrounding communities, and our visitors ~ each of you make this market possible.

In addition the QFM depends on:

Gaea McGahee, Market Manager – handles questions about SNAP / double-up-food-bucks / WIC and Senior Nutrition Program Checks + promotes & advertises, & recruits vendors, + preseason coordination
Alex Romero, Market volunteer – vendor/baker, promotes & recruits vendors
Wendy Medina, Market volunteer – handles questions about food permits / commercial kitchen locations, vendor/baker/pro-tortilla-maker, promotes & recruits vendors

Our advertising and music program is supported by grants and other funding, and we are very grateful for the help of volunteers.

Since 2017 QFM has received financial support from these organizations:

The LOR Foundation
Chevron Community Grant
Questa Economic Development Fund Grant
New Mexico Farmers Marketing Association, promotional funds
And the energy and efforts of supporters, promoters, radio hosts, and community members of all ages.

We pursue funding to build market structures, sustain market operations, promote and advertise, support an online presence, as well as a community presence, including music and events at the market. Thank you for your support!