For Vendors

Vendors, contact Gaea with general questions (575) 224-2102.

For all Vendors

This season the QFM will charge a $5 vendors fee for all vendors over the age of 18.

The Village of Questa requires a peddlers permit be purchased ($35, good for three months) if you sell processed foods, crafts, etc. Only the “sale of vegetables, fruits, meats, foul or farm products raised and sold in an unprocessed state” can be done without a peddlers fee (Per Village of Questa Ordinance 2005-122). Contact the Village, (575) 586-0694, for your peddlers permit.

Our market’s central goal is to support local food production and particularly small scale agricultural projects. We need to maintain a 50% or higher proportion of “food staples” for sale. Vegetables, fruits, meats, foul or farm products fit into the essential category, as do other basic take-home food items, like bread, tortillas, flour, pies, beans, chicos, and herbs.

Note to Prepared Food Vendors

To be an authorized/regulated farmers market we have to follow state guidelines. In order to sell prepared food (for example; jellies, fresh juice, salsa, breakfast burritos, all baked goods, bread) all prepared food vendors must abide by the food safety laws of NM This means you need a permit to operate at the QFM. Call the New Mexico Environment Department in Taos at (575) 758-8808 or visit for permit information.

Prepared food must be made in a certified commercial kitchen, or, if made on-site vendors need a permit to operate in this capacity. All prepared food vendors need to obtain a commissary agreement from a certified commercial kitchen. The Questa VFW recently completed work on their commercial kitchen and it is certified by the state.

Vickie Cisneros, Coordinator at VFW / Friendship Circle (575) 779-6929

This local commercial kitchen makes it possible for the QFM to be a regulated market this season, which means we can participate in state and federal food benefit programs and accept SNAP/EBT, double-up-food-bucks, WIC, and the Senior Nutrition Checks program.