Getting ready for first market day, June 3

jamey_tools Tools out. Hats on. Get ready!

Walking Bear Farm in El Rito (north of Questa) sent us photos of preparation and planting in progress.  This farm relies on solar power and a well. Careful growing and watering practices make sure these resources go as far as possible.

Below: A drip irrigation system carries water down the rows.

jameyPlants starts begin life in a green house, and come out each day to grow hearty in the sun; sheltered from the wind.


Speaking of sun ~ the setting sun is quite lovely these days. Is it all the dust in the sky that gives us these shades?

jamey_sunsetPhotos above, thanks to Jamey Bryant, Walking Bear Farm.


Farmers and gardeners! Our market can accept WIC checks and Senior Nutrition Program checks. But each grower needs to file with New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH). It’s easy to do.

If you would like to accept these checks you will fill out a farmer/grower agreement to send into NMDOH. It’s a 6 page document, and only 2 pages go to NMDOH. Your market manager, Gaea, can provide you with a copy and help you file. Call 575-224-2102 or email

The document helps explain that eligible foods are fruits and vegetables, NM grown and within 80 miles of the market. You’ll receive a four digit number that remains with your farm or garden – no need to renew each season. WIC and Senior nutrition checks are used at markets throughout New Mexico from July 1 to November.

Go here for more information about Senior Nutrition Program, how to qualify and apply.  Go here for more information about WIC, how to qualify and apply.

Get ready, 10am – 2pm Sunday, June 3rd. See you soon!


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