Questa Art Market

Photo By. E Wilde, Torre Strong, local handmade leather artisan, will be a vendor at the new Questa Art Market to be held on Sundays this summer instead of Saturdays

The Questa Art Market (QAM) is held in conjunction with the Farmers Market and meets every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm beginning Memorial Day Weekend, May 29, through the Cambalache Harvest Festival on October 2.

QAM offers local artisans a venue where they can display and sell their work to residents and visitors, and grow their business. It gives art enthusiasts and patrons access to local arts, crafts, and collectibles in a festive and enjoyable outdoor setting.

Questa Art Market Vendors offer:
handmade leather goods, jewelry, fiber arts, metal and wood-carved pieces, painting, pottery, minerals and gems, one-of-a-kind creative crafts, antiques, and much more.

QAM requires a vendors fee each Sunday for all vendors over the age of 18. The fee system is set up on a sliding scale and operates on an honor system.

If you earn between:
$50 – $100, vendor fee is $5 for the day
$100 – $200, vendor fee is $10 for the day
$200 – $300, vendor fee is $15 for the day
$300 – $400, vendor fee is $20 for the day
$400 – $500, vendor fee is $25 for the day

The art market is located adjacent to the Farmers Market, north of the Questa Visitor Center parking lot. Vendors should arrive at 9:00 am to set up. Bring your own tent, table and chairs.

If you are interested in participating as a weekly artist, artisan, or a one-of-a-kind collectibles merchant, contact Lynn Skall for information on the very affordable rates and all details;, leave a message at (575) 586-2149.

The art market started in 2021 and met on Saturdays. Questa Art Market (QAM) now shares the same day and time as the farmers market. QAM operates as a separate market, so that the farmers market can offer SNAP/EBT (food stamps) and other food benefits to our community. Eligible farmers markets must sell food, primarily: that’s local agriculture and some prepared food—but very limited handmade nonfood items.